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    Dreamers of the Day: Designing Possibilities
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-11-10) Deutsch, Randall S.
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    Computers, Craft, and Culture: Creative and Critical Inquiry into Computation Design
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-09-29) Noel, Vernelle A. A.
    Craft and cultural design practices are vehicles for people’s histories and knowledges, and are dependent on their social, cultural, and political contexts. On the other hand, software practices are often framed as neutral, independent - devoid of social, cultural, and political entanglements. Drawing from methods, concepts, and modes of inquiry in computing, craft, media studies, and science and technology studies, this lecture demonstrate (1) how software-based practices can reshape cultural and craft-based practices, ideas, and labors; and (2) how new investigations into craft can repair and reveal hidden entanglements in computational design.
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    Mechanicsville 2030: The Past, Present, and Possible Future of One of Atlanta's Oldest Neighborhoods
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-09-08) Roark, Ryan
    This lecture is an introduction to my upcoming exhibition of the same name at the Atlanta Preservation Center, opening September 24. The exhibition will feature a series of proposals—some by my spring 2021 senior studio and some of my own—for both renovation and new construction along Whitehall Street, a two-block stretch adjacent to South Downtown Atlanta and straddling the neighborhoods of Castleberry Hill and Mechanicsville. Bounded by railroad tracks to the north and I-20 to the south, the area is currently comprised of many empty lots and a variety of formerly industrial buildings—some disused, some partially used, and some functioning as residential lofts and warehouses. Whitehall’s development has been speculated for decades but has not yet begun. The work shown examines the role of history in architecture and blurs the lines between renovation and “ground-up” construction: even what appears to be an empty site has history, often still evidenced in foundations, material fragments, or even the soil. Reuse, especially in formerly industrial districts, all too often goes hand in hand with replacement of culture and displacement of residents; mitigating this relationship is not simple but was central to the development of the proposals in Mechanicsville 2030, which began with an in-depth study of the neighborhood and interviews with residents.
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    Reactivate: Preservation and Interpretation in 4D
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-09-01) Willkens, Danielle
    Exploring ongoing work from Selma, Atlanta, and additional sites, this lecture will examine how archives, digital documentation, and preservation planning can combine to make interactive and accessible platforms that honor erased histories and enliven critical conversations about space, agency, and memory.
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    Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-09-09) Fleming, Billy ; Levinson, Nancy ; Dunham-Jones, Ellen
    Our first event of the Fall 2020 semester welcomes Billy Fleming and Nancy Levinson to discuss Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal, co-hosted by Places Journal. Redesigning Cities: The Speedwell Talks @ Georgia Tech is a series of presentations + conversations between leading urbanists that address 21st Century urban challenges: social capital, equity, climate change, outdated infrastructure, disruptive technologies, and money.
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    From Prototypes to Territories: Multi-Domain Design Research
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-03-05) Velikov, Kathy
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    Bionic @ X
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-03-04) Wilson, Marcel
    Bionic is a landscape architecture and urban design practice in founded on the mandate to “enable life” in an increasingly complicated and changing world. After a decade of acting on this mandate the firm is engaged in a range of significant large scale projects including new waterfronts, campuses, the reinvention of urban centers, and the reorganization of cities in response to climate change and sea level rise. Founder and Design Director Marcel Wilson will present the conceptual basis for the firms creation as well as research and built projects that have emerged from this paradigm shift approach to design practice.
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    Equity in Architecture Forum: Show, Tell, and Do
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-02-27) Gamolina, Julia ; Akuchu, Bangseh ; Cramer, James P. ; Ellsworth, Leslie ; Kripa, Ersela ; Kansas, Gene
    The theme for the second annual forum "Equity in Architecture at Georgia Tech", is Show, Tell, and Do. Julia Gamolina, our keynote speaker, will speak on gender and minority equity, highlighting data and personal examples discovered in her project Madame Architect. The student moderated discussion will engage panelists in discussing how to recognize, raise awareness, and act on the challenges of inequity in the study and practice of architecture.
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    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-01-15) Wood, Daniel (Dan)
    How do we design in the age of the Anthropocene? How can we address issues and problems that seem so much bigger than architecture…despite architecture’s proven contributions to global warming? WORKac knows as little as the next architect; but we are committed to engaging the issues of our time head-on. Utilizing research, design, wit and optimism, we are actively engaged in reinventing the role that we as architects can play in shaping the future.
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    Lecture by Bast
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-10-23) Bast
    BAST is an architecture firm based in Toulouse, who won the 2019 EU Mies "Young Talent, Architecture” award. The firm takes an anonymous approach and a proactive research posture adopted to experiment with the diverse potentialities of each project. BAST will discuss their current work in a lecture.