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Food, Farming, and Faith: A LAMP Symposium on Growing Community - Panel 1

2016-03-01 , AbuLughod, Amirah , DiSalvo, Carl , Goldstein, Mindy , Leavey, Jennifer Kraft , Nuri, K. Rashid , Stucky, Nathan

Amirah AbuLughod - TITLE: "Building Communities, Engaging Faith, and Cultivating Nonviolence". Stony Point Center is a conference center that is also home to a multifaith intentional community, called The Community of Living Traditions (CLT). The mission and work of the CLT is to practice hospitality, engage faith, and cultivate nonviolence and justice in the world. The vision towards a more holistic experience as a conference center and community includes the Stony Point Center Farm, a small-scale farm run on regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices with an intention towards utilizing the space as a teaching resource to nurture the connection between faith, food, and justice. The setting run by members of a multi-faith intentional community lends itself to dynamic earthcare teachings, farming practices that actively weave together religious traditions, sustainability, and experiential learning. Stories and reflections from a Muslim farm apprentices’ experience will give you a glimpse at what it is like to fast during the month of Ramadan while farming the land, what a farm crew of Muslims, Jews, and Christians looks like and how those relationships have deepened religious convictions and broadened thoughts on sustainable agriculture.