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    Food, Farming, and Faith: A LAMP Symposium on Growing Community - Panel 2
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-03-01) Allen, Sumayya ; Ayres, Jennifer R. ; Crane, Jonathan K. ; Parajuli, Pramod ; Smith, Jenny Leigh ; Winders, William P. ; Wright, Jacob L.
    Sumayya Allen - TITLE: "Connecting Food and Stewardship in Islam". This presentation will focus on the Islamic concept of stewardship (khalifa) and how it pertains to caring for our environment and all of creation. Connecting to our place is where we begin to understand how this principle translates to our own lives. One way in which we can better connect to our place is by learning where our food comes from, how to grow our own, and the blessings that come from cultivating the land and feeding others. Community agriculture projects are perfect sites for not only bringing people together (of all faiths, cultures, and generations), but also serve to remind us of our human tie and dependency on the earth. Such projects can be catalysts for helping us to recognize and reestablish our roles as earth stewards.