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The Emergence of Kawasaki Disease in India: Why History (of Medicine) Matters

2007-02-08 , Kushner, Howard , Emory University

Dr. Howard Kushner is the Nat C. Robertson Distinguished Professor of Science and Society at Emory University. An historian of medicine, Kushner holds a joint appointment in the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts (ILA) and in the Rollins School of Public Health, Department of Behavorial Science and Health Education. He serves as Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Health, Culture, and Society. Author of numerous articles on medical and social and cultural history, Kushner has published four books, including American Suicide (Rutgers University Press, 1991) and A Cursing Brain? The Histories of Tourette Syndrome (Harvard University Press, 1999). Kushner also serves on the editorial boards of the Bulletin of the History of Medicine and the Journal of the History of Neuroscience.