Systems And Methods For Integrated Plasma Processing Of Waste

dc.contributor.patentcreator Smith, Michael S.
dc.contributor.patentcreator Caravati, Kevin C.
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dc.date.filed 6/23/2006
dc.date.issued 4/17/2012
dc.description.abstract Systems and methods of integrating plasma waste processing are described. An integreted energy generation system provided with a fossil fuel power plant system having a combustion chamber and a plasma waste processing system having an output. The integrated energy generation system also including an integrator for combining the output of thermal energy from the plasma waste processing system with the combustion chamber of the fossil fuel power plant.
dc.description.assignee Georgia Tech Research Corporation
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dc.identifier.cpc F02C3/28
dc.identifier.cpc F23G5/006
dc.identifier.patentapplicationnumber 11/473425
dc.identifier.patentnumber 8156876
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1853/58037
dc.identifier.uspc 110/186
dc.title Systems And Methods For Integrated Plasma Processing Of Waste
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