A System-of-Systems Design of a Guided Projectile Mortar Defense System

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Massey, Kevin C.
Heiges, Michael W.
DiFrancesco, Ben
Ender, Tommer Rafael
Mavris, Dimitri N.
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A System-of-Systems design methodology is used to evaluate tradeoffs in the design of a guided bullet system for mortar defense. Guided bullets were designed to match the calibers of four different existing auto guns and were modeled in a six degree of freedom simulation. A bullet guidance system was developed based on proportional navigation and several control actuation schemes were modeled. The system simulation was setup to perform Monte Carlo analyses with noise models for various subsystems such as the gun controller and radar. Ranges of gun accuracies and ranges of radar noise were used to create a design space which also included the variation in gun caliber. A design of experiments approach was used to determine the simulation cases that needed to be run to map out the design space. Based on more than half a million independent simulations, a metamodel of the design space was created to capture the interactions between the gun, the projectiles, and the radar. This metamodel allows the user to rapidly evaluate the impact of design tradeoffs and to determine the best system based on his chosen metrics. Available metrics include, cost, weight, defended area, and combinations of the three. Initial results indicate that feasible designs for a guided bullet system are possible within the design space.
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