Video Demonstrations of Over-Ground AMPS Trials with Intermittent Torque-Controlled Propulsion

This repository contains videos of the Anatomical Model Propulsion System (AMPS) performing straight and curvilinear maneuvers to characterize the performance of various manual wheelchair configurations. The AMPS was configured with a torque-based motor controller. Different trajectories were deployed for different chairs. The straight maneuver features three 'acceleration phase' pushes followed by four 'steady-state phase' pushes, then the system is allowed to gradually coast to a rest. The slalom maneuver starts with one bilateral push to align the casters straight forward, followed by four alternating unilateral pushes to generate the serpentine-like turning motion. K0004 (high-strength lightweight) chairs were tested over tile and carpet, and were given higher torques than the K0005 (ultra-lightweight) chairs to achieve similar motion. Plots of each of the torque profiles are attached in .png format.
This work was supported by internal funding from the Rehabilitation Engineering and Applied Research (REAR) Lab.
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