Film Digitization Using Dye Density Estimates

dc.contributor.patentcreator Pringle, Lon N.
dc.contributor.patentcreator Glasgow, Bruce B.
dc.contributor.patentcreator Mcelwain, Thomas P.
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dc.date.available 2017-05-12T14:27:27Z
dc.date.filed 11/8/1996
dc.date.issued 7/6/1999
dc.description.abstract The present invention discloses a method for film archival based upon digitization of dye densities of the film. In particular, by using the analytical densities of the dyes and the dye concentrations at each pixel, the present invention provides a method for determining the color of the particular pixel where such color value is not influenced by aging of the film substrate or chemical degradation of the color dyes used. If the analytical densities of a film are known, then the concentration of each dye can be estimated by measuring the logarithm of the transmission of the film in as few as three frequency bands. The error involved in this digitization is a function of filter bandwidth and a function of the number of spectral transmission measurements used for the dye concentration estimation. The present invention is directly applicable in the field of film restoration and corresponding methods and devices for film restoration are disclosed.
dc.description.assignee Georgia Tech Research Corporation
dc.identifier.cpc H04N1/40006
dc.identifier.cpc H04N1/60
dc.identifier.patentapplicationnumber 08/745666
dc.identifier.patentnumber 5920831
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1853/57302
dc.identifier.uspc 702/127
dc.title Film Digitization Using Dye Density Estimates
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