Building on Common Ground: Exploring the Intersection of Archives and Data Curation

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Rolando, Lizzy
Hagenmaier, Wendy
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Research data management continues to emerge as a distinct information discipline with unique needs, policies and practices, but there are many ways in which it overlaps with the existing disciplines of records management and archives. Examining areas where policies, practices, and resources can be shared between them is increasingly valuable as the digital information universe becomes more complex. This session will examine those shared areas, highlighting efforts to engage with different information communities and programs. Kelly Chatain, Associate Archivist, University of Michigan, will present her work as an ‘embedded’ archivist within the Survey Research Center, focusing on records management tools and archiving principles used to facilitate a practical and cultural shift in the creation of data. Bethany Anderson, Visiting Archival Operations and Reference Specialist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will discuss ways of integrating the work of academic archives and research data services to appraise, manage, and steward data. Research Data Librarian Lizzy Rolando will discuss Georgia Tech’s efforts to identify areas of convergence between the functional and policy requirements of a research data repository ecosystem and the requirements of a born-digital archives repository ecosystem.
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