Physical engagement in nursery rhyming games in oral, print, and digital mediums: Data matrix

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Patel, Griva
Madej, Krystina
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The first children’s video game called Mixed up Mother Goose was created by Roberta Williams in 1987. This game was created for a desktop. Today, many children’s games exist on a range of digital platforms. While these platforms offer different types of interactions for engagement and learning, many of these interactions are limited to tapping, dragging and clicking. Current studies have shown that physical interaction is important for young children’s development. Traditionally, nursery rhymes have been this source of physical interaction to engage children in the process of learning. This study looks at the physical engagement of children with nursery rhymes in oral, print and digital mediums. Engagement in oral medium consists of learning nursery rhymes through the movement of the body such as action rhymes and finger plays. Engagement in print medium consists of learning nursery rhymes through interactive books that include movable books, puppet books and sound books. Digital medium, including platforms such as touchscreen devices and laptops, continue to evolve from tap and click games to increased physical engagement of children. Although digital medium is a new phenomenon, it is following a similar evolution as print and oral mediums. Digital medium is increasingly engaging children with interactive play. As part of a larger project, this research collects information and provides a matrix that identifies the attributes of physical engagement employed by these three mediums.
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