Atlanta Nature Network: Enhancing the City's Public Greenspace Network

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Rattray, Andrea
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According to the Trust for Public Land City Park Facts 2010 report, parkland is only 4.6% of the entire land area for the City of Atlanta with the median percentage for the 85 most populous cities at 8.3%. It also reports that Atlanta has 7.2 acres of parkland per 1000 persons with the national median of 12.9 acres per 1000 persons (2010, City Park Facts, 2010). The city and the PATH Foundation currently have .33 miles of trails and streambank per 1000 residents and 1.3 acres of conserved greenway property per 1000 residents. In order for Atlanta to compete in attracting new businesses and residents, the city will need to make an effort to increase park acreage and access to greenspace across the area. To achieve this the city will need to do more than create new parks, it will need to implement a network of greenspace that connects people to other resources and recreational opportunities. To develop a network of greenspace within the City of Atlanta the existing park system and potential public space programs will be identified and discussed, the location and distribution of parks will be analyzed, the benefits of parks will be discussed, case studies of cities with successful greenspace networks will be explored and finally areas for increased park acreage and areas for greenspace connectivity will be identified.
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