UPR Digital Repository Instrument of Community of Practice to Support Research

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Centeno, Purisima
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The poster presentation illustrates all the steps to create a UPR Digital Repository, the structures and the impact of this development in support the research and creative work in UPR. These initiative it's part of the project AILCUPR a Community of Practice to Support Research it's generate a UPR Digital Repository (http://dspace.uprrp.edu:8080/dspace/). A place in which UPR collect, preserve, disseminate and provide access to gray literature from researchers, faculty and student investigations from University of Puerto Rico. Our faculty and graduate students can deposit their research into the Repository. They can put posters, power point presentations offered in conferences and proceedings, and dissertation and master thesis. The poster aims to show how a community of practice strategy helps to develop a repository by strengthening good communications in a system wide university with 11 campuses across the island. It is expected that as a result of our management, develop an inventory of best practices and recommendations that can be implemented in other units or enclosures. This tool will facilitate and assist in developing the integration of information technology in areas of work in tandem to promote a sense of community among librarians UPR System and creative work in order to identify best practices around how to support the researcher, from the library, to develop and strengthen a culture of evaluation and appraisal. This community aims to identify and share information as a strategy of community support among the sites and units that comprise the UPR system. The project responds to initiatives by the Vice-President in Academic Affairs, University of Puerto Rico, through the umbrella project called Redefining the other communities in Practice UPR Libraries System: a collective experience. This project conforms to the following evaluation of academic libraries (Association of College and Research Libraries) to visit some campuses and some units and identify areas to strengthen. The methodology used in the project is through the formation of communities of practice, defined as groups of people who share an interest or passion for something they do, and learn how to do better as they interact regularly.
University of Puerto Rico
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