Rapid Multiplexing of Proteins for Deciphering Spatially Resolved Biophysical Organelle Networks

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Yajima, Yukina
Coskun, Ahmet F.
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Organelles play important roles in human health and disease, such as maintaining homeostasis, regulating growth and aging, and generating energy. Organelle diversity in cells not only exists between cell types but also between individual cells. Therefore, studying the morphological features of organelles at the single-cell level is important to understand the functioning of cells. Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent cells that have been explored as a therapeutic for treating a variety of diseases, including myocardial infarction and traumatic brain injury. Studying how organelles are structured in these cells can answer questions about their function and potential. After a rapid multiplexed immunofluorescence was performed to understand the spatial organization of 10 organelle proteins, a morphological analysis was performed for features such as the area, intensity, and perimeter. The analysis was performed on 14 selected cells, 7 taken from umbilical cord and 7 taken from bone marrow. This approach aims to explore relations between the organelles and compare the two cell types, which can aid in better understanding various microenvironments and to develop personalized stem cell therapeutics.
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Undergraduate Thesis
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