NSF DataNet: Curating Scientific Data

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Kunze, John
Choudhury, Sayeed
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The National Science Foundation (NSF) DataNet program aims to create "a set of exemplar national and global data research infrastructure organizations (dubbed DataNet Partners) that provide unique opportunities to communities of researchers to advance science and/or engineering research and learning." The DataNet program calls upon a diverse group of researchers and practitioners, including domain scientists, computer scientists, information scientists, digital librarians, and archivists, to come together into new organizations that can address the research and development challenges associated with developing and sustaining data curation infrastructure. Through the first round of the DataNet program, two pending awards will be made to DataNet partners led by Johns Hopkins University and the University of New Mexico. This panel session would provide an overview of both awards (described below) and offer a chance for discussion and engagement with the Open Repositories audience. DataONE (Observation Network for Earth): Envisioning a New Distributed Organization and Cyberinfrastructure to Enable Science / John Kunze In order to understand the nature and pace of change of life on Earth, nothing less than a new type of distributed organization is required to provide perpetual access to the data needed by scientists, decision-makers, and citizens. DataONE is proposing to develop this organization to meet the needs of science and society for open, robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered Earth observational data. The foundation of DataONE success is established partnerships among participating institutions that have multi-decade expertise in a wide range of fields: libraries, archives, environmental observing systems and research networks, data and information management, science synthesis centers, and professional societies. DataONE will address four key challenges: data loss, data dispersion, data deluge, and poor data practice. DataONE will enable the creation of new insights and knowledge through universal access to data concerning life on earth and the environment that sustains it. The Data Conservancy: A Digital Research and Curation Virtual Organization Sayeed Choudhury The Data Conservancy (DC) is one of two pending awards through the first round of the National Science Foundation's DataNet program. DC embraces a shared vision: data curation is not an end, but rather a means to collect, organize, validate, and preserve data to address grand research challenges that face society. The overarching goal of DC is to support new forms of inquiry and learning to meet these challenges through the creation, implementation, and sustained management of an integrated and comprehensive data curation strategy. Through a well-defined management policy, DC will provide the foundation for a diverse, international team to iteratively develop, deploy, and evaluate infrastructure in a manner that combines rapid implementation with research, all with continual progress toward sustainability. A user-centered design methodology will be employed to guide the immediate development process, coupled with innovative longer-term information science research to fully understand data practices and curation across our initial disciplinary base of astronomy, biodiversity, earth sciences, and social sciences.
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