A Study on Community Perception to Improve the Urban Green Space Density: A Case Study of Can Tho City, Vietnam

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Pham, Phuong Phi
Oh, Se-Guy
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The study aims to examine the green density in Can Tho City, Vietnam, where urbanization has been rapidly growing and urban green space has gradually disappeared, because built-up land has been increasing rapidly over the last 20 years. First, this study conducted a survey and interviewed the local people to discover residents’ perceptions about the current quality of urban green space and explore the existing problems. The survey focused on green space density, current housing types, and the quality of housing to suggest a vertical resettlement concept for improvement of green space. The results of the survey questionnaire demonstrate a lack of green space in the center of the city, and local people entirely concur with the need for relocation into high rise buildings, in order to cede land to green spaces. Thus, the study chooses to research an area, where the survey results reveal that the current housing conditions and quality of life of the inhabitants is low and chaotic, and therefore, the solution of the vertical resettlement is considered a suitable solution in this case. The solution can thus enhance the living conditions of the inhabitants, allowing them to optimize land use planning in this study area.
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