Assessing the maturity of information architectures for complex dynamic enterprise systems

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Mykityshyn, Mark
Rouse, William B.
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This dissertation investigates the dynamics that underlie enterprise performance and takes a significant step toward showing how it might be predicted. In a novel approach, a comprehensive Enterprise System Architecture (ESA) is developed that introduces separate layers for strategic and operational processes, respectfully. We identify four broad dimensions that contribute to and influence enterprise performance: (1) enterprise processes, (2) technology-based support of enterprise processes [denoted information systems], (3) technology structure and deployment [denoted information technology], and (4) Enterprise Architecture (EA). Detailed interviews were conducted with ten executives, mostly from the aerospace and defense industry, along with a web-based survey of aerospace and defense industry executives. We empirically determine a value for each dimension of maturity and individually assess it as a predictor of enterprise performance. ESA maturity is calculated as the weighted summation of each of dimensional maturity, and is also evaluated as a predictor of enterprise performance. Results indicate that ESA maturity, the weighted summation of process maturity, information systems maturity, information technology maturity, and enterprise architecture maturity, is a good predictor of enterprise performance. In order to provide some practical utility to our empirical results, we outline an ESA maturity assessment framework to enable decision-makers to assess the overall maturity of an enterprise system. Two other extensions of our research results, the development of a strategic layer analysis / portrayal tool, and enterprise system simulation, are also briefly described.
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