A visualization tool for perception system development and optimization

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Warren, Michelle Dominica
Taylor, David
Antoniou, Antonia
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Perception systems are necessary for advanced autonomous technologies. During the integration, development, and testing phases of creating a perception system, it has been proven to be necessary to create a means for visualizing sensor data and perception information obtained from sensor fusion algorithms. The proposed research objective is to discuss the development and use of a visualization tool for the EcoCAR project, my individual contribution. To develop this visualization tool, I implemented a cluster script architecture, assisting in environment automation, that handled subscription to detected object information that may be in the form of sensor detections; sensor fused tracks; the Most Important Obstacle (MIO) track, also referred to as the lead vehicle; lane information; and publishing of markers based on the position of objects to be reflected on the visualization display with respect to the car being controlled, or the ego-vehicle. The visualization system, referred to in this thesis as Tank Viz, provided the team with a complete perception system for continued development, troubleshooting, and testing that helped lead to the team’s eventual success in Year 4 of the Mobility Challenge Connected Automated Vehicles section of the competition and provides a foundation for the team’s perception system for the 2022-2026 Electric Vehicle Challenge.
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