The Impact of Transit on Property Values: A Case Study of the Elimination of C-Tran in Clayton County, Georgia

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Martinez, Lucrecia
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In today’s turbulent economic climate, many government entities are being forced to make difficult decisions regarding their spending. In many cases, important programs or services are being cut due to budget deficits. One of the many services that have had its budget drastically reduced has been public transit. Public transit, or transit, plays a vital role in communities. It provides a service that allows people to have access to all aspects vital to their daily life including access to school, jobs, grocery stores, and medical services. Transit in communities not only creates greater accessibility, but it also creates positive impacts on the local economy. This research focuses on C-Tran, a suburban bus transit system in Clayton County Georgia. Due to budget cuts and funding shortfalls, the transit system was completely eliminated on March 31, 2010 by the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. The abrupt termination of the transit system has caused controversy, especially regarding the social impacts it has caused to C-Tran riders that depended on the bus system to provide them with mobility. However, there has been no discussion of the economic impacts of the termination of C-Tran. This study was motivated by the elimination of the C-Tran bus system and seeks to establish a link between transit corridors and property values. The relationship between transit corridors and property values has long been studied. Most of the past studies have focused on rail and have found that in general, proximity to transit results in higher property values. This means that transit creates a positive economic impact on the local community. While there have been many studies conducted on the impacts of transit on property values, including a few on bus rapid transit systems, no studies have been conducted on a suburban bus system.
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