Is effective the CPD for our customers? Why they contract CEE? A model for the CPD courses post evaluation

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Orero, Eva
Hinarejos, Natalia
Montesinos, Patricio
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Is well known that customer satisfaction can be calculated as the difference between the reality and the expectatives the client can have. If the expectative is high and the reality doesn’t achieve the required minimums, then we could obtain negative satisfaction, that is, in satisfaction. There are several dimensions that can produce satisfaction in the CE customers, but one radical due to its effect, are the customers motivations. To learn how to solve an specific problem (or a set of problems), to be promoted in the same company, to change to other company or even other sector, to cover social needs or simply, to enjoy with the knowledge received in a named "academic hobby," can be some of the motivations to contract one specific CPD course or activity. During the last 6 years the Lifelong Learning Centre (CFP) of the Universidad Politécnica de VALENCIA (The VALENCIA University of Technology) has developed CPD e.learning short courses for more than 2.000.different participants on the environmental management issues. More than 30 courses were developed under the support of the Minister of Environmental issues and the European Social funds thought the Fundación Biodiversidad. This paper will describe the post evaluation research developed among the participants, identifying their expectatives and the effectiveness of the CPD received. The project design, the inquiry developed, the interpretation of the results and some conclusions and recommendations is the content of the full paper.
Distance Learning and Professional Education ; International Association for Continuing Engineering Education
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