Results of Pumping Tests Performed at the Barnesville Site, Lamar County, Georgia

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Steele, William M.
Brackett, David A.
Kellam, Madeleine F.
Hall, Mark E.
Hatcher, Kathryn J.
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The Georgia Geologic Survey Branch of the Environmental Protection Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, established the North Georgia Hydrogeology Program to study the occurrence and movement of ground water in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Physiographic Provinces. Many previous investigations on the ground-water resources of these areas have been descriptive in nature and lacking comprehensive data. To date, three research sites have been selected in the Piedmont Physiographic Province. The major purpose of these sites is to perform pumping tests to measure the area of influence and to determine the source of water that supplies the production wells. If the source of the water is known then steps can be taken to protect this vital resource from contamination. One research site is located in Lamar County, about 50 miles south of Atlanta and two miles northwest of Barnesville. Ground-water investigations conducted at the site will provide data on the response of observation wells to pumping. This information will be used by hydrogeologists, engineers and other professionals for future ground-water protection activities.
Sponsored by U.S. Geological Survey, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, and Georgia Institute of Technology.
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