Quantitative imaging of subsurface structures and mechanical properties at nanoscale using atomic force microscope

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Parlak, Zehra
Degertekin, F. Levent
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This dissertation focuses on quantitative subsurface and mechanical properties imaging potential of AFM probes. Extensive modeling of AFM probes are presented for thorough understanding of capabilities and limitations of current techniques, these models are verified by various experiments, and different methods are developed by utilizing force-sensing integrated read-out active tip (FIRAT), which is an active AFM probe with broad bandwidth. For quantitative subsurface imaging, a 3-D FEA model of AFM tip-sample contact is developed and this model can simulate AFM tip scan on nanoscale-sized buried structures. FIRAT probe, which is active and broadband, is utilized for interaction forces imaging during intermittent contact mode and mechanical characterization capability of this probe is investigated. It is shown that probe dynamics, stiffness, stiffness ambiguity, assumed contact mechanics, and noise are important parameters for the accuracy of mechanical properties imaging. An active tip control mechanism is introduced to limit contact forces during intermittent contact mode. In addition to these, a combined ultrasonic AFM and interaction forces imaging method is developed and modeled to solve the reduced elasticity measurement sensitivity on composite materials. This method is capable of imaging a broader range of elasticity on combination samples such as metal nanoparticles in polymers at nanoscale.
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