Method of Fabrication for Nerve Cuff Electrodes for Use in Animal Models

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Sanner, Brian
Le Doux, Joseph M.
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Many electrophysiological experiments require the recording, stimulating, or both in the peripheral nervous system. There are many electrodes currently on the market, but they are either not designed for implantation or are not robust enough to be used multiple times in situ. The cost of buying these electrodes from a manufacturer can be prohibitive and many labs prefer to make their own. This introduces variability between studies, as different techniques and configurations in the design and fabrication of electrodes can create variance in electrical impedance, spatial arrangement, or other factors. This paper presents a detailed methodology for the construction of electrodes that are robust, have uniform impedance values of Z = 2.38 ± 0.906 kΩ. at 1 kHz alternating current (AC), and can be used in multiple in vitro or in situ experiments, or for chronic implantation in vivo. This method will reduce the amount of time and material needed to construct electrodes for experimental studies in animals.
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Undergraduate Thesis
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