Geometry Estimation and Adaptive Actuation for Centering Preprocessing and Precision Measurement

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Mears, Michael Laine
Kurfess, Thomas R.
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Precise machining of bearing rings is integral to finished bearing assembly quality. The output accuracy of center-based machining systems such as lathes or magnetic chuck grinders relates directly to the accuracy of part centering before machining. Traditional tooling and methods for centering on such machines are subject to wear, dimensional inaccuracy, setup time (hard tooling) and human error (manual centering).A flexible system for initial part centering is developed based on a single measurement system and actuator, whereby the part is placed by hand onto the machine table, rotated and measured to identify center of geometry offset from center of rotation, then moved by a series of controlled impacts or pushes to align the centers. The prototype centering system is developed as a demonstration platform for research in a number of mechanical engineering areas, particularly: Characterization of optimal state estimators through analysis of accuracy and computational efficiency; Distributed communication and control, efficient transfer of information in a real-time environment, and information sharing between processes; Modeling of sliding dynamics and the interaction of friction with compliant body dynamic models; Motion path planning through both deterministic geometric transforms and through frequency domain command manipulation.A vision is created for future work not only in the described areas, but also in the areas of advanced controller design incorporating multiple variables, derived machine diagnostic information, and application of the distributed communication architecture to information flow throughout the manufacturing organization. The guiding motivation for this research is reduction of manufacturing processing costs in the face of global competition. The technologies researched, developments made, and directions prescribed for future research aid in enabling this goal.
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