Steal This Presentation! (Yale University Library's Experiment with E-Reserves and Copyright)

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McCaslin, David
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Prior to the 2009-2010 academic year, Yale University Library appointed a committee of Access Services Librarians and Managers to review then current e-reserve workflow and copyright guidelines in hopes a new workflow and guideline could be created to ensure a quicker, cheaper, and safer e-reserve service for its faculty and students. The committee had to overcome three major obstacles in order to create this new e-reserve service. In many ways, the Yale Library system is decentralized. The new service required an increased level of trust and cooperation amongst the libraries. Secondly, the committee had to determine how to deliver this e-reserve service in a secure way to its students. Finally, the committee needed to update its copyright policy regarding e-reserves and how to ensure they were compliant. The committee was successful in achieving all of if its goals by creating working together to ensure all scanning was shared amongst the libraries, taking advantage of the faculty’s syllabi and the course management system and using those as the delivery tool for e-reserves, and finally, creating a safer set of copyright guidelines, which take into consideration fair use, budget constraints, and workflow. Compared to prior academic year, the spending for e-reserves during the 2009-2010 year was reduced by 50% due to the new e-reserve system. This presentation will detail: 1. Reasons why a new e-reserves system needed to be in place 2. Obstacles the committee confronted to create the service 3. How the new service was incorporated 4. What the library copyright guidelines are and how the library follows them 5. The statistical results of the new e-reserve service
Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center; Georgia State University Library; Georgia Gwinnett College Library; Generation Fifth Applications
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