Providing Interactive Functions through Active Client Buffer Management in Partitioned Video Broadcast

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Ammar, Mostafa H.
Kamel, Ibrahim
Mukherjee, Sarit
Fei, Zongming
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Partitioned video broadcast divides a video into segments and sends each segment over one channel in cycles. In this paper, we propose an active buffer management scheme to provide interactive functions in partitioned video broadcast. The scheme uses client side buffering in a novel fashion that relies on the simultaneous availability of past, present and future parts of a video and lets the client selectively prefetch segments from broadcast channels based on the observation of the play point in its local buffer. The contents of the buffer are adjusted in such a way that the relative position of the play point is kept in the middle part of the buffer and a high probability of providing the interactive functions with the contents of the local buffer is achieved. Discontinuous interactive functions are used to deal with cases where the local buffering is not sufficient to provide some desired interaction. We design a new video partitioning that is more suitable for interactive behaviors of clients. We introduce the concept of feasible points which allows a client to move only to those points within the broadcast stream that can preserve the continuity of playback. Our simulations show that the active buffer management scheme can implement interactive actions through buffering with a very high probability in a wide range of user interaction levels.
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