Optimal distributed detection and estimation in static and mobile wireless sensor networks

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Sun, Xusheng
Coyle, Edward J.
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This dissertation develops optimal algorithms for distributed detection and estimation in static and mobile sensor networks. In distributed detection or estimation scenarios in clustered wireless sensor networks, sensor motes observe their local environment, make decisions or quantize these observations into local estimates of finite length, and send/relay them to a Cluster-Head (CH). For event detection tasks that are subject to both measurement errors and communication errors, we develop an algorithm that combines a Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) approach for local and global decisions with low-complexity channel codes and processing algorithms. For event estimation tasks that are subject to measurement errors, quantization errors and communication errors, we develop an algorithm that uses dithered quantization and channel compensation to ensure that each mote's local estimate received by the CH is unbiased and then lets the CH fuse these estimates into a global one using a Best Linear Unbiased Estimator (BLUE). We then determine both the minimum energy required for the network to produce an estimate with a prescribed error variance and show how this energy must be allocated amongst the motes in the network. In mobile wireless sensor networks, the mobility model governing each node will affect the detection accuracy at the CH and the energy consumption to achieve this level of accuracy. Correlated Random Walks (CRWs) have been proposed as mobility models that accounts for time dependency, geographical restrictions and nonzero drift. Hence, the solution to the continuous-time, 1-D, finite state space CRW is provided and its statistical behavior is studied both analytically and numerically. The impact of the motion of sensor on the network's performance is also studied.
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