Characterizing Excitatory and Inhibitory Neuron Responses to Dark and Bright Stimuli in the Visual Cortex of Awake Mice

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Meyer-Baese, Lisa
Haider, Bilal
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An increased understanding in mouse primary visual cortex (V1) will allow us to better characterize the internal electrical and neural circuit mechanisms of the visual process. So far, most studies directly recording single neurons have been mainly performed in anesthetized animals. This study is novel in that it aims to extend these findings to the awake visual cortex, and to multiple retinotopic locations in V1 of mice. To characterize how excitatory and inhibitory neurons in V1 respond to bright and dark visual stimuli the mice were presented with input stimulus of different colored bars, ranging in luminance defined by Michelson Contrast. Their response to these stimuli was recorded using multi-shank probes that were placed in V1. Once neurons were identified as being inhibitory and excitatory, their response properties were then be tied back to the different input stimuli. Results do not indicate any statistically significant differences between the response of the two classes.
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Undergraduate Thesis
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