Spherical Motor Particularly Adapted For Robotics

dc.contributor.patentcreator Vachtsevanos, George J.
dc.contributor.patentcreator Davey, Kent R.
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dc.date.filed 10/9/1986
dc.date.issued 4/19/1988
dc.description.abstract A spherical motor particularly adapted for robotic control. The motor comprises a stator housing defining a semispherical socket having an opening of generally polar cap form with a spherical rotor rotatably received in the socket for rotation therein about three axes intersecting at the center of the rotor with one of the axes projecting through the opening and the other two axes being orthogonal thereto. A motion transmitter is carried by the rotor and aligned generally along one axis to project through the opening, and windings are carried by the stator housing in encompassing and in opposed relation to the rotor for rotating the rotor about the axis. A polyphase control selectively controls relative phase and energization of the windings to rotate the spherical rotor a substantially unlimited amount about one axis and in limited amounts about the other axes so as to maintain the motion transmitting member within the confines of the opening.
dc.description.assignee Georgia Tech Research Corporation
dc.identifier.cpc B25J17/0266
dc.identifier.cpc H02K41/031
dc.identifier.cpc B25J17/0275
dc.identifier.patentapplicationnumber 06/916823
dc.identifier.patentnumber 4739241
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dc.identifier.uspc 318/568.19
dc.title Spherical Motor Particularly Adapted For Robotics
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