I-Queue: Smart Queues for Service Management

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Mansour, Mohamed S.
Schwan, Karsten
Abdelaziz, Sameh
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Modern enterprise applications and systems are characterized by complex underlying software structures, constantly evolving feature sets, and frequent changes in the data on which they operate. The dynamic nature of these applications and systems poses substantial challenges to their use and management, suggesting the need for automated solutions. This paper considers a specific set of dynamic changes, large data updates that reflect changes in the current state of the business, where the frequency of such updates can be multiple times per day. The paper then presents techniques and their middleware implementation for automatically managing requests streams directed at server applications subjected to dynamic data updates, the goal being to improve application reliability in face of evolving feature sets and business data. These techniques (1) automatically detect input patterns that lead to performance degradation or failures and then (2) use these detections to trigger application-specific methods that control input patterns to avoid or at least, defer such undesirable phenomena. Lab experiments using actual traces from Worldspan show a 16% decrease in frequency of server restarts when using these techniques, at negligible costs in additional overheads and within delays suitable for the rates of changes experienced by this application.
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