Applying the DART Rubric to Inform Georgia Tech RDM Service Development

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Rolando, Lizzy
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Panel Abstract: To provide research data management (RDM) support services, libraries need to develop expertise in data curation and management within the library. Many academic libraries are reorganizing to initiate RDM service structures, but may lack staff expertise in this area. Funding agencies increasingly require a data management plan (DMP) with funding proposals; they describe how data generated in the proposed work will be managed, preserved and shared. We have developed an analytic rubric for assessing DMPs. An analysis of DMPs can identify common gaps in researcher understanding of RDM principles and practices, and identify barriers for researchers in applying best practices. Our rubric allows librarians to utilize DMPs as a research tool that can inform decisions about which research data services they should provide. This tool enables librarians who may have no direct experience in applied research or RDM to become better informed about researchers' data practices and how library services can support them. This panel will consist of five data specialists from academic libraries who will introduce the rubric, share the results of our individual analyses, and describe how the results informed the evolution of services at our respective libraries.
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