Prospects of Implementing a Vhand Glove as a Robotic Controller

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Chidi, Christopher
Howard, Ayanna M.
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There are numerous approaches and systems for implementing a robot controller. This project investigates the potential of using the VHand Motion Capturing Glove, developed by DGTech, as a means of controlling a programmable robot. A GUI-based application was utilized to identify and subsequently reflect the extended or closed state of each finger on the glove hand. A calibration algorithm was implemented on the existing application source code in order to increase the precision of the recognition of extended or closed finger positions as well as enhance the efficiency of the hand signal interpretation. Furthermore, manipulations were made to the scan rate and sample size of the bit signal coming from the glove to improve the accuracy of recognizing dynamic hand signals or defined signals containing sequential finger positions. An attempt was made to sync the VHand glove signals to a Scribbler robot by writing the recognized hand signals to a text file which were simultaneously read by a Python-based application. The Python application subsequently transmitted commands to the Scribbler robot via a Bluetooth serial link. However, there was difficulty in achieving real-time communication between the VHand glove and the Scribbler robot, most likely due to unidentified runtime errors in the VHand signal interpretation code.
Office of Student Media; Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program; Georgia Tech Library.
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