Technology advancement in intelligent buildings : a through preplanning process pertaining to long-term maintainability

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Wilson, Michael Thomas
Roper, Kathy O.
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Innovation and new technologies are daily changing the characteristics of facilities as building owners are requiring more automated services, increased security is becoming more prevalent, and budget constraints are affecting facility operations. Therefore, additional avenues should be evaluated to reduce long-term costs by improving facility maintainability. The conclusions of these quarries should be incorporated into the design and preplanning phases as early as possible, as this is when the most impact can be made at the least expense. As it relates to this effort, preplanning refers to the project concept development and includes some initial aspects of the design. Preplanning for maintainability is one aspect that has historically not received much industry attention. This study considered the preplanning process as it pertains to maintainability, particularly for intelligent buildings, as this is the current trend in which building construction is heading. It limitedly considered the historic aspects of construction and automation, assessed the current situation and considered the projected future needs. Based on the expectations as to where future building intelligence will lead, it was ascertained that better preplanning should be incorporated into the construction process, especially as it pertains to maintainability.
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