Thinking about Design Thinking During a Migration

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Patrick, Martin
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The systems librarian's goal should be to optimize and enhance the systems in use by centering the needs of the system's users. However, much of the literature and the focus on centering users is about, in academic libraries, our students and faculty. For the systems librarian, though, there is a group of users whose needs are equally valid: the library’s staff, faculty, and student workers (that is, the internal users). A recent survey of 55 of the most recent articles indexed in LISTA about user experience in libraries revealed one that focused on staff users. In this presentation, I outline some ideas for discovering and designing for the internal user’s needs, particularly given our upcoming migration, based on ideas found in IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking Framework (EDT). I will cover a very brief history of Design Thinking in general, and then discuss some of the ways I think EDT could prove useful during a system migration. I will also share a few real-world examples of how I have approached problems and issues in the past, and how EDT might change that approach. The goal of this presentation is not to propose a dogma around EDT but to challenge those of us on the systems side to do user experience work with and for our colleagues, in addition to our student and faculty communities.
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