Methods for extending high-performance automated test equipment (ATE) using multi-gigahertz FPGA technologies

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Majid, Ashraf Muhammad
Keezer, David C.
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Methods for Extending High-Performance Automated Test Equipment (ATE) using Multi-Gigahertz FPGA Technologies Ashraf M. Majid 264 Pages Directed by Dr. David Keezer This thesis presents methods for developing multi-function, multi-GHz, FPGAbased test modules designed to enhance the performance capabilities of automated test equipment (ATE). The methods are used to develop a design approach that utilizes a test module structure in two blocks. A core logic block is designed using a multi-GHz FPGA that provides control functions. Another block called the â application specificâ logic block includes components required for specific test functions. Six test functions are demonstrated in this research: high-speed signal multiplexing, loopback testing, jitter injection, amplitude adjustment, and timing adjustment. Furthermore, the test module is designed to be compatible with existing ATE infrastructure, thus retaining full ATE capabilities for standard tests. Experimental results produced by this research provide evidence that the methods are sufficiently capable of enhancing the multi-GHz testing capabilities of ATE and are extendable into future ATE development. The modular approach employed by the methods in this thesis allow for flexibility and future upgradability to even higher frequencies. Therefore the contributions made in this thesis have the potential to be used into the foreseeable future for enhancements to semiconductor test capabilities.
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