Packaging designs for ultraviolet light emitting diodes

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Habtemichael, Yishak Tekleab
Graham, Samuel
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Aluminum Gallium Nitride (AlGaN) / Gallium Nitride (GaN) based deep ultraviolet (DUV) light emitting didoes (LEDs) with emission wavelengths between 200-280 nm enable key emerging technologies such as water/air purification and sterilization, covert communications and portable bio-agent detection/identification systems for homeland security, and surface and medical device sterilization. These devices produce a large amount of undesired heat due to low quantum efficiencies in converting electrical input to optical output. These low efficiencies are attributed to difficulties in the growth&doping of AlₓGa₁₋ₓN materials and UV absorbing substrates leading to excessive joule heating, which leads to device degradation and a spectral shift in the emission wavelength. With this regard, effective thermal management in these devices depends on the removal of this heat and reduction of the junction temperature. This is achieved by decreasing the package thermal resistance from junction-to-air with cost-effective solutions. The use of heat sinks, thermal interface materials, and high conductivity heat spreaders is instrumental in the reduction of the overall junction-to-air thermal resistance. This thesis work focuses on thermal modeling of flip-chip packaged deep UV LEDs to gain a better understanding of the heat propagation through these devices as well as the package parameters that have the biggest contributions to reducing the overall thermal resistance. A parametric study focusing on components of a lead frame package is presented to ascertain the thermal impacts of various package layers including contact metallizations, thermal spreading sub-mounts, and thermal interface materials. In addition the use of alternative thermal interface materials such as phase change materials and liquid metals is investigated experimentally.
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