An Improved Model of Nuclear Debris Analysis Systems in Atmospheric Collection Aircraft

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Inman, Jacob
Hertel, Nolan E.
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Nuclear treaty verification via the use of nuclear cloud sampling aircraft, such as the US Air Force's WC-135, has been common practice since 1965. But while other verification methods have seen extensive computational models developed to support their mission, a detailed model of airborne cloud sampling has yet to be fully realized. In support of an effort to enhance and optimize the predictive capabilities of nuclear fallout software at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a software tool capable of simulating the collection and characterization of airborne radioactive debris has been developed. In combination with the nuclear event simulation software DELFIC and the atmospheric transport and dispersion code HYSPLIT, this model's functionality includes every aspect of a sample collection mission, from the movement of the aircraft through the nuclear cloud to explicit radiation transport and detection from cloud material to onboard analysis systems. Designed with both end users and future researchers in mind, this software offers the automatic production of MCNP input files for model validation and a variety of user options to control data output and model operation. With the Air Force on the cusp of rolling out its newest line of WC-135R aircraft, this model is well-suited to play an important mission planning role in the modern age of treaty verification.
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