A Secure and Highly Available Distributed Store for Meeting Diverse Data Storage Needs

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Lakshmanan, Subramanian
Ahamad, Mustaque
Venkateswaran, H.
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As computers become pervasive in environments like the home and community, data repositories that can maintain the long term state of applications will become increasingly important. Because of the greater reliance of people on such applications and the potentially sensitive nature of the data manipulated by them, the repository must be highly available and it should provide secure access to data. Furthermore, many different types of data, ranging from private data belonging to a single user to data shared across different users may be stored in the repository. We present the design of a distributed data repository, called a secure store, which can meet the data access needs of diverse applications. We develop protocols that replicate data at multiple servers to enhance availability and work even when a limited number of compromised servers exhibit arbitrary failure behavior. We also discuss how the nature of the data that is stored in the secure store impacts the availability and costs associated with data access.
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