Optical-parametric-amplification applications to complex images

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Vaughan, Peter Matthias
Trebino, Rick
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We have used ultrafast optics, primarily focused on the nonlinear processes of Polarization Gating and of Optical Parametric Amplification, one for measurement and the other for imaging purposes. For measurement, we have demonstrated a robust method of measurement to simultaneously measure both optical pulses used in a pump-probe type configuration. We refer to this method of pulse measurement as Double Blind Polarization Gating FROG. We have demonstrated this single-shot method for measuring two unknown pulses using one device. In addition to pulse measurement, we have demonstrated the processes of Optical Parametric Amplification (OPA) applicability to imaging of complex objects. We have done this where the Fourier transform plane is used during the interaction. We have amplified and wavelength converted a complex image. We observe a gain of ~100, and, although our images were averaged over many shots, we used a single-shot geometry, capable of true single-shot OPA imaging. To our knowledge, this is the first Fourier-plane OPA imaging of more than a single spatial-frequency component of an image. We observe more than 30 distinct spatial frequency components in both our amplified image and our wavelength shifted image. We have demonstrated all-optical spatial filtering for these complex images. We have demonstrated that direct Fourier filtering of spatial features is possible by using a shaped pump beam. We can isolate certain portions of the image simply by rotating the crystal.
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