Leveraging program slicing to understand network traffic

dc.contributor.advisor Saltaformaggio, Brendan D.
dc.contributor.advisor Beyah, Raheem A.
dc.contributor.advisor Smith, William W.
dc.contributor.author Stewart, Allen Joel
dc.contributor.department Electrical and Computer Engineering
dc.date.accessioned 2020-01-14T14:49:02Z
dc.date.available 2020-01-14T14:49:02Z
dc.date.created 2019-12
dc.date.issued 2019-12-04
dc.date.submitted December 2019
dc.date.updated 2020-01-14T14:49:02Z
dc.description.abstract This project centers around utilizing the concept of backward slice analysis of a binary to reconstruct the contents of a function call. To that end, a suite of modular tools will be developed to enable an analyst to glean relevant information about what data a binary is accessing and what it is doing with it. Each tool plays a small role in this overall goal while also being capable standing on its own. This functionality has utility in a variety of applications including detection of unauthorized gathering of personal information, malicious use of private functions, and unknown network protocol analysis. These use cases will be discussed in the paper.
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dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1853/62359
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Georgia Institute of Technology
dc.subject Angr
dc.subject Backward slice
dc.subject Program slice
dc.subject Binary analysis
dc.subject Reverse engineering
dc.subject Ida
dc.subject Ghidra
dc.subject Python
dc.title Leveraging program slicing to understand network traffic
dc.type Text
dc.type.genre Thesis
dspace.entity.type Publication
local.contributor.advisor Saltaformaggio, Brendan D.
local.contributor.advisor Beyah, Raheem A.
local.contributor.corporatename School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
local.contributor.corporatename College of Engineering
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