Measuring low stress bike access to MARTA

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Bearn, Cary Briscoe
Watkins, Kari E.
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Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) is a bicycle quality of service measure originally developed by the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) that categorizes road infrastructure into four levels based on amount of traffic stress perceived by a bicyclist. The concept builds on research indicating that bicyclists can be grouped based on their comfort level. Riders identifying as strong and fearless as well as enthused and confident bicyclists represent most of the current users of the bicycle network across the US. However, there is a large group of cautious and concerned bicyclists that might be more likely to bike if the bicycle infrastructure were less stressful. This research applies the LTS methodology to quantify low stress bicycle access around the West End, Oakland City, and Lakewood/Ft. McPherson (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) MARTA rail stations. The Equitable Transit Oriented Development (TOD) typology analysis conducted by Reconnecting America identified these station areas as highly vulnerable with lagging markets. Additional analysis compares the existing low stress network, improved low stress networks, and the entire (low and high stress) bike network. Ultimately this work can serve as a model for both transportation planners interested in improving bike access both in general and specifically to transit.
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