Heat transfer coefficients of particulate in tubular heat exchangers

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Nguyen, Clayton Ma
Jeter, Sheldon M.
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This experimental study explores the heat transfer from heated bare and finned tubular surfaces to particulates in packed bed cross flow. The results from this experiment will be used to help select the type of particulates that will be used. Additionally, these results will assist in estimating heat transfer in prototype and commercial particle to fluid heat exchangers (PFHX). This research is part of larger effort in the use of particulates in concentrating solar power technology. These solid particles are heated by concentrated sunlight to very high temperatures at which they are a suitable heat source for various thermal power and thermochemical cycles. Furthermore, one of the advantages of this concept is the ability to store thermal energy in the solid particles at relatively low cost. However, an important feature of any Particle Heat Receiver (PHR) system is the PFHX, which is the interface between the solar energy system and the thermal power or chemical system. In order to create this system material data is needed for the design and optimization of this PFHX. The paper focuses on the heat transfer properties of particulates to solid surfaces under plug flow conditions. The particulates will be evaluated for three grain sizes of sand and two grain sizes of proppants. These two materials will be tested at one, five and ten millimeters per second in order to see how the various flow rates, which will be required for different loads, will affect the heat transfer coefficient. Finally the heat transfer coefficient will also be evaluated for both finned and non-finned heat exchangers to see the effect that changes in the surface geometry and surface area have on the heat transfer coefficient. The heat transfer coefficient will help determine the appropriate material that will be used in the PHR system.
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