Fedora 3.0 and METS: A Partnership for the Organization, Presentation and Preservation of Digital Objects

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Catapano, Terry
Hoebelheinrich, Nancy J.
Yott, Patrick
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Fedora is being implemented in many different kinds of repositories even within a single institution, e.g., institutional repositories, and preservation repositories, and metadata repositories. Within many institutions, METS (Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard http://www.loc.gov/standards/mets/) is being used to encode and package content files and metadata for many of the digital objects within these repositories. Much has been speculated about how the two could work together, particularly with the expansion of "content models" within Fedora 3.0. In this proposal, 3 different academic institutions will discuss decisions, plans, and issues arising out of the implementation of a "Paged Text" content model that incorporates the use of METS for various purposes related to the management of metadata for this type of digital object during its lifecycle. Within two 20 minute presentations, each presenter will provide the context for the type and purpose of the repositories being discussed within his/her institution as well as the related services that pertain to the discussion. In addition, each presenter will explain for what purpose METS is being used within the repositories, e.g., to "stage" content and metadata as a pre-SIP target or organizer for vendors, and/or to package content files and metadata for export to preservation. Areas of discussion will include how METS is or potentially could be used in conjunction with the more generalizable mechanisms built within Fedora to manage the structure of a digital object, the disseminators interacting with a digital object (such as page turners for text), and the workflow associated with different "moments" within the lifecycle of the digital object. Presenters will discuss lessons learned as well as future areas of exploration as the Fedora and METS communities continue to work together to optimize the use of each when it makes sense to do so. Questions and discussion from the audience will be encouraged.
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