Sugimoto, Cassidy R.

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    Using Group Centrality to Reveal the Role of Disciplines
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-09-17) Jiang, Jiepu ; Ni, Chaoqun ; Sugimoto, Cassidy R. ; University of Pittsburgh. School of Information Sciences ; Indiana University. School of Library and Information Science
    Three group centrality measures, degree, closeness, and betweenness, are utilized in this paper to explore the role of disciplines in two journal co-citation networks by using 677 journals from 40 disciplines categorized by Web of Knowledge. The result shows that social science disciplines play a more important role in knowledge communication and interaction among disciplines than science discipline. Some science disciplines, such as Computer Science have become more important in terms of the three centrality measures over time. The use of group centrality measures gives a different way of exploring role of disciplines in science mapping, and indicates that a comprehensive result can be obtained when all three of these measurements are utilized.