Le Dantec, Christopher A.

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    Atlanta: Whose Data Is It Anyway?: Empowerment and Ownership of Community Research
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-06-06) Akintobi, Tabia Henry ; Le Dantec, Christopher A. ; Nkromo, Kwabena ; Ross, Terry ; Wallace, Jamie
    Neighborhoods and communities of all types are often the subject of data monitoring and research by organizations such as police departments, public health agencies, and universities. Too often citizens and residents are not either aware of the information that is being collected about their lives, or they don't adequately understand its implications and almost never are in control of the data that may impact their families and neighbors. Our panelists will discuss how Participatory Action Research, open systems data sharing, and quality community engagement can make a huge difference in whether a community is empowered or undermined by data.