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iSAM2: Incremental Smoothing and Mapping with Fluid Relinearization and Incremental Variable Reordering

2011 , Kaess, Michael , Johannsson, Hordur , Roberts, Richard , Ila, Viorela , Leonard, John , Dellaert, Frank

We present iSAM2, a fully incremental, graphbased version of incremental smoothing and mapping (iSAM). iSAM2 is based on a novel graphical model-based interpretation of incremental sparse matrix factorization methods, afforded by the recently introduced Bayes tree data structure. The original iSAM algorithm incrementally maintains the square root information matrix by applying matrix factorization updates. We analyze the matrix updates as simple editing operations on the Bayes tree and the conditional densities represented by its cliques. Based on that insight, we present a new method to incrementally change the variable ordering which has a large effect on efficiency. The efficiency and accuracy of the new method is based on fluid relinearization, the concept of selectively relinearizing variables as needed. This allows us to obtain a fully incremental algorithm without any need for periodic batch steps. We analyze the properties of the resulting algorithm in detail, and show on various real and simulated datasets that the iSAM2 algorithm compares favorably with other recent mapping algorithms in both quality and efficiency.