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    Helicopter Operations Weather Information Pilot Interviews
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-01-29) Speirs, Andrew ; Ramee, Coline ; Alexia, Payan ; Mavris, Dimitri N. ; Feigh, Karen M.
    Helicopter pilots face unique challenges with regard to adverse weather when compared to fixed-wing pilots. Rotorcraft typically operate at lower altitudes in off-field areas that are not always well covered by weather reporting stations. Although recent technological advances have increased the amount of weather data that pilots can access in the cockpit, weather remains a factor in 28% of fatal helicopter accidents. In this work, commercial helicopter pilots were interviewed to better understand how they gather and process weather information, what the perceived limitations of current weather tools are, and how their decision-making process is affected by the information they gather and/or receive.
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    Helicopter Operations Weather Information Survey Dataset
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-11-23) Payan, Alexia P. ; Ramee, Coline ; Speirs, Andrew ; Mavris, Dimitri N. ; Feigh, Karen M.
    To better understand the kind of weather information used by rotorcraft operators and get their opinion on the weather products that are available to them, the research team created an online survey. The survey consisted of three main sections: 1) Demographics, 2) Flight environment, and 3) Safety Operations. The information collected was used to analyze the number and types of weather information sources used by pilots in different phases of flight, identify differences between industries and study pilots training for adverse weather conditions. The data contained here is an anonymized version of answers to the survey.