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    Microtransit and Microclimate-Oriented Redevelopment for Car-lite/Carfree Lifestyles
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2023-05-05) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Rakha, Tarek ; Jassu, Joel ; Wang, Jun ; Almaian, Maryam ; Jimenez Chavez, Jose Miguel ; Doersam, Max ; Kadam, Anuradha ; Maharjan, Anu ; Mantripragada, Akansha ; Mamallan, Dhanya ; McDonald, Matthew ; Mohammadi, Negar ; Rajan, Subash Raj ; Rangel, Patricia ; Smith, Madalyn ; Wilson, Isaiah
    This report documents the Spring 2023 studio class proposals to redevelop aging, car-oriented parts of Scottdale, GA to enable affordable, thermally comfortable, car-lite and carfree living. In partnership with DeKalb County Commissioners Terry and Bradshaw, the DeKalb County Planning Department, the Microlife Institute, MARTA and Via Transportation, the MS Urban Design, M.Architecture, and MS High Performance Building students four proposals illustrate various ways of integrating mobility hubs, microtransit, trails, mixed-uses, missing middle and workforce housing, to meet stormwater, energy, and social goals.
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    High Performance (Sub)urbanism
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Rakha, Tarek ; Jassu, Joel ; Adhikari, Priyanka ; Alshahrani, Tariq ; Vigario Coelho, Karina ; Datla, Sahithi ; Harrell, Olivia ; Jain, Pulkit ; Jayasimharao, Ranjitha ; Kesh, Devaki ; Khodagholi, Shima ; Menon, Athulya Usha ; Mody, Aayushi ; Mohgaonkar, Aishwarya ; Naik, Tanmay ; Ongole, Harshini ; Poddar, Dishaddra ; Ravindran, Ajay Manjunath ; Son, Hyowon ; Subramanian, Karunya ; Vanmali, Aishwarya
    This studio report documents the redevelopment proposals of six teams of MS urban design and MS high performance building students to advance DeKalb County's 2020 Memorial Drive Revitalization Plan. The report is intended to help community members envision change and discuss ways to improve the economic, social, and environmental performance of this corridor between I-285 and Stone Mountain.
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    Jobs Justice Climate: Redevelopment Proposals for North Dekalb Mall and The Gallery at South Dekalb
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-06-21) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Jassu, Joel ; Alfali, Hala ; Barnum, Chris ; Heidelberger, Erin ; Kama, Prerana ; Goncalves, Vitor ; Nanda, Sakshi ; Patel, Harini ; Pham, Quynh ; Raytchev, Luben ; Rudder, Jennie Lynn ; Yu, Zhexin (Josie) ; Zhao, Haungzhe
    Hypothetical redevelopment and reinhabitation urban design proposals are presented for both shopping malls to help the local DeKalb County Commissioners and their constituents envision and discuss options of what change might look like guided by Green New Deal goals.
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    Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-09-09) Fleming, Billy ; Levinson, Nancy ; Dunham-Jones, Ellen
    Our first event of the Fall 2020 semester welcomes Billy Fleming and Nancy Levinson to discuss Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal, co-hosted by Places Journal. Redesigning Cities: The Speedwell Talks @ Georgia Tech is a series of presentations + conversations between leading urbanists that address 21st Century urban challenges: social capital, equity, climate change, outdated infrastructure, disruptive technologies, and money.
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    Retrofitting Suburbia's Missing Middle
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-05-04) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Bharadwaj, Aditi ; Doyle, George, IV ; Gao, Wanli ; Jassu, Joel ; Khalid, Emily ; Kroi, Eleni ; Kumar, Shreya ; Macbeth, Josh ; Wang, Jun
    What if affordable, missing middle scale intergenerational housing and retrofitted intersections were designed to address the loneliness epidemic, autonomous vehicles, climate change, and the shrinking middle class? Four teams of graduate students received stakeholder input on their proposals to each of these topics at the intersection of By Pass Road and Jackson Highway where Covington, GA meets Newton County. The proposals are intended to assist Covington residents and those with similar suburban intersections envision how they might be relocalized to be more community-serving.
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    Equitable, Ecological, Transit-Oriented Development
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Alawamleh, Yasmeen ; Ashok, RajhaSurya ; Dave, Neerja ; Duan, Ruiyan ; Ghosh, Debmalya ; Huang, Shuyi ; Johnson, Jennifer ; Li, Siqi ; Ma, Hoaxing ; Moo-Young, Tiffany ; Majid, Moutushi ; Oh, Yeinn ; Siodmok, Naomi ; Xu, Jingxin
    What if the proposed MARTA light rail down Campbellton Road to the proposed new transit hub near the Greenbriar Mall were designed to drive revitalization in the area that was equitable and ecological? Six proposals by teams of Georgia Tech MS in Urban Design graduate students present different answers to that fundamental question. These proposals are intended to help community members and stakeholders envision a range of possibilities and foster conversations about desired futures.
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    South Downtown Atlanta: Improvements to the Public Realm
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Alzaabi, Mariam ; Choi, Jiho ; Dickinson, Coston ; Dodson, Christy ; Hong, Fenghuan ; Khandekar, Tejas ; Lancaster, Zachary ; Ling, Tianqi ; Rickles, Carley ; Stephen, Sam (Sam Stephen Raj Baskar Sundara Raj) ; Vijayanand, Karen ; Xue, Bowen ; Yao, Zeyue ; Zha, Yilun ; Zhang, Wenyue W. (Winnie)
    A report by the fall 2016 MSUD studio of proposals for immediately implementable and longer-term improvements to the public realm in South Downtown Atlanta and the Government District. Designs for 14 scattered sites focus on issues of Curb Management and Streetscaping; Placemaking and Building Social Capital; Eco-Infrastructure and Urban Heat Island and the establishment of gateways at key entry
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    Reconnecting Westside Chattanooga
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Huang, Jiaxuan ; Kesarkar, Veda ; Khalid, Bushra ; Krinsky, Jules ; Liu, Yijing (Sam) ; Morgan, Erica ; Sooryanarayanan, Chandru ; Srinivasan, Smritika ; Wang, Minye (Alice) ; Wei, Snow ; Yu, Jin
    A report by the fall 2016 MSUD studio of proposals to retrofit the damage done to Westside Chattanooga by urban renewal in the 1960s. Student teams proposed various redevelopment strategies for US 27, the aging housing projects, and the riverfront industrial properties with the goal of reconnecting the Westside to Downtown and to the river.
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    Cascade Road: Can We Grow the Neighborhood and the Tree Canopy?
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Alzaabi, Mariam ; Choi, Jiho ; Dickinson, Coston ; Dodson, Christy ; Hong, Fenghuan ; Khandekar, Tejas ; Lancaster, Zachary ; Ling, Tianqi Bruce ; Rickles, Carley ; Stephen, Sam ; Vijayanand, Karen ; Xue, Bowen ; Yao, Zeyue ; Zha, Yilun ; Zhang, Wenyue W. (Winnie)
    A report by the fall 2017 MSUD studio exploring how to subdivide a heavily wooded, sloping site in a mature suburb so as to both maximize tree canopy and diversification of the existing housing types. The study makes recommendations for revisions to the tree ordinance and development of taller and thinner building types.
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    Downtown Atlanta 2041: Autonomous Vehicles and A-Street Grids
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-08) Dunham-Jones, Ellen ; Blakeley, Meredith ; Bonn, Sarah Jane ; Goldstein, Eric ; Huang, Shijia ; McMullen, Meghan ; Pang, Lu ; Payson, Mikhail ; Reeves, Blake ; Scott, Stacy ; Shrestha, Animesh
    Downtown Atlanta 2041 is a speculative look 25 years into the future at the opportunities available to build on parking lots and create a walkable network of Class A streets and distinctive neighborhoods around Downtown’s many assets. The design proposals are based on conversations with stakeholders, analysis of current conditions as well as bold assumptions about the future impact of autonomous vehicles. The work was produced by graduate students at Georgia Tech in the Master of Science in Urban Design, (MSUD) spring 2016 studio, under the direction of Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones in the School of Architecture in the College of Design.