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    Tools for Measuring and Understanding the Proximity of Users to Their Smartphones
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-03) Park, Jung Wook ; Evans, Hayley I. ; Watson, Hue L. ; Abowd, Gregory D. ; Arriaga, Rosa I.
    Two studies in ubiquitous computing examined the proximity of users to their smartphones in 2006 and in 2011. Both studies have used a passive data collection tool and the day reconstruction method. Additionally, Dey at al. adopted an online survey to validate their findings with a larger population sample. In 2019, we attempted to revisit this research topic due to the high adoption rate of smartphone and smart- watch. In our replication study, we developed a new passive data collection tool and a novel survey technique, proximity-based ecological momentary assessments. We also adopted the day reconstruction method and online survey utilized in the previous studies. This technical report presents the details of the research tools and techniques used in our study. This technical report is a supplementary material to the published article, "Growing Apart: How SmartDevices Impact the Proximity of Users to Their Smartphones", in IEEE Pervasive Computing.