Abowd, Gregory D.

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NMI: Exploration of middleware technologies for ubiquitous computing with applications to grid computing

2008-11-30 , Ramachandran, Umakishore , Abowd, Gregory D. , Wolenetz, Matt , Edwards, Keith

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A Scalable Workload Model of Media-Enhanced Classrooms

1999 , Chervenak, Ann L. , Vellanki, Vivekanand , Yanasak, Ivan , Harel, Nissim , Rodenstein, Roy , Abowd, Gregory D. , Brotherton, Jason Alan , Ramachandran, Umakishore

We present a scalable workload model for media-enhanced classrooms. Such classrooms include equipment for presenting multimedia streams and for capturing streams of information (audio, video and notes) during a lecture. Our model characterizes the workload of a centralized or distributed server that supports multiple classrooms. The workload includes server bandwidth, network bandwidth and server storage requirements. Using our workload model, we present detailed performance measurements of one media-enhanced classroom system, Classroom 2000. We identify patterns in user behavior, and demonstrate that the number of simultaneous study sessions varies with time of day according to a beta distribution. In addition, we model the total number of study sessions on a particular day using a simple linear model that depends on proximity to midterm and final examinations. Finally, we use the model to predict how the capabilities of a Classroom 2000 server must scale to support hundreds of classrooms and thousands of students.