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    Storage in Collaborative Networked Art
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009) Freeman, Jason
    This chapter outlines some of the challenges and opportunities associated with storage in networked art. Using comparative analyses of collaborative networked music as a starting point, this chapter explores how networked storage can transform the relationship between composition and improvisation; how it can influence network designs focused on shared material or shared control; how it can actively and autonomously manipulate its own contents; how it can circumvent problems of network latency and facilitate asynchronous collaboration; and how it can exist as a core component of a work’s design without being at the core of every user’s experience.
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    Composer, Performer, Listener
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-03-04) Freeman, Jason
    Even as social networking, multi-player gaming, and collaborative content creation become increasingly important in our lives, concert musical performance continues to follow a model in which the audience remains passive, with little connection to the composer, to the performers, or to each other. Freeman, an assistant professor in the Music Department, will explore how technology can transform the concert experience by inviting the audience to shape the music as it is performed or by engaging audiences in personalized musical experiences online.